The wandering Alice experiences new Cheshire Pet who bandages her sleeve and you will escorts the girl for the tea party

The wandering Alice experiences new Cheshire Pet who bandages her sleeve and you will escorts the girl for the tea party

Alice productivity so you can Tarrant and you may Mallymkun but straight away try billed regarding attraction

Alice will come that have Chessur and you will matches Tarrant Hightopp, the fresh new Crazy Hatter, along with Thackery Earwicket, the fresh new March Hare and you will Mallymkun. Ilosovic Stayne, the fresh new Knave off Minds, arrives at this new tea-party. The new Hatter quickly shrinks Alice so you can 6-ins extreme and you may covers this lady in the a beneficial teapot. Tarrant seems to encourage Bayard to not ever let you know Alice’s area. Bayard guides new Knave with his troops aside. Tarrant initiate his trip with Alice with the his hat.

To their ways, Tarrant informs his sad story about how precisely he missing his clan and also the start of the Red-colored Queen’s rule known as the Horunvendush Day towards the loss of the latest Vorpal Blade. The new notes begin to means cornering Tarrant and you may Alice on a beneficial river so when a history lodge, Tarrant places his hat that have Alice inside it over the lake.

Alice is found by Bayard and also in fees on the situations conducive to the bring from Hatter, Alice was brought to the brand new Purple Queen’s castle and you will crosses the brand new moat laden up with cut heads. Bayard leaves Tarrant’s hat along the wall. Given that Queen are to relax and play croquet, Alice is located by the Nivens McTwisp, the fresh Light Bunny who offers this lady some more Upelkuchen pie to help you create their develop once again, but Alice eats continuously and expands to 8.5 legs. The fresh Reddish Queen observes Alice and also to stop suspicion, Alice informs brand new King the lady name’s Um out of Umbridge and you can that folks laugh for her level. The newest Queen accepts Alice’s tale and you will embraces their so you can the woman judge. Alice in the near future discovers by herself within Purple Queen’s front therefore the Aggravated Hatter’s path, and therefore in the course of time the fresh Reddish King is actually certain by the Tarrant being the girl hatter. Alice could possibly access Tarrant’s hat and you will returns they so you’re able to your.

Tarrant try captured as opposed to resistance and you can Alice chooses to sleep below the hat

Bayard manages to come to brand new Light Queen’s palace that’s met by the Light King by herself. Bayard provides the news headlines one Alice is now remaining in the new Purple Queen’s castle.

Alice locates this new Vorpal Sword and therefore resides in the brand new domain name from brand new Bandersnatch. On her behalf ways, the fresh Knave sides the girl but Alice is able to get away. One of many Yellow Queens supporters try seeing. Retrieving the interest out-of Mallymkun, Alice productivity the interest towards the Bandersnatch. Alice finds the outcome towards the Vorpal Blade it is locked. Alice’s injury starts to burn off and you can she drops involuntary. Nivens McTwisp retrieves the fresh new Oraculum. Next morning if you find yourself Tarrant is actually hatting the new Red-colored King, she hears the news towards Knaves creativity towards Alice. Alice wakes up to discover Bandersnatch seeing their. Alice notices a button with the situation on the their neck. Alice retrieves the main and you can salvages the brand new Vorpal Sword. The fresh new Bandersnatch repays Alice from the licking the lady injury to make it finest because a sign of relationship.

The fresh new Knave attempts to lay about how exactly it’s Um (Alice) which is enthusiastic about him, that the Queen believes and instructions this new just take regarding Um. The new Knave observes the new Vorpal blade and you may tries to snatch it. Hatter holds new Knave and notes off, however, Mallymkun blurts aside, “Work at, Alice.” The fresh Knave, now understanding Alice’s real name, decides to destroy the lady.

Alice run off with the courtyard it is ambushed by notes, nevertheless the Bandersnatch breaks clear of its strings and you can escapes which have Alice inside tow. Alice arrives at the fresh Light Queen’s castle, presenting the brand new Vorpal Blade toward king. The fresh Light Queen up coming shrinks Alice back so you can the woman amazing dimensions. Alice meets again having Absolem who reactions in the their prior to comment you to definitely she was not Alice up coming but is a lot more like Alice today.

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